Arrival of virtualization

13 Oct

We said previously, Windows 7 now allows the installation of hot virtual disk images without using a third-party software. Compared to Windows Vista, a disk image format. VHD can be mounted as a hard disk and accessed in this way from Windows Explorer. One slip now that the Windows 7 mount ISO images is still not supported, however it is possible for the first time to burn the ISO since the operating system.

Level virtualization, Microsoft goes further by proposing with certain editions of Windows 7, typically the Professional and Ultimate versions, the Windows XP mode. These offer a Windows XP virtual machine to run any software compatible with Windows XP within Windows 7. If the thing was already possible with Windows Vista, Microsoft has never proposed function dedicated to this use natively in Windows. It was necessary to download Virtual PC and deploy Windows XP oneself from a legally purchased version.

With Windows 7, Microsoft provides a complete image of Windows XP Service Pack 3, x86 or x64 edition just download it to deploy with Windows update Virtual PC. Better, the Windows XP User can run in two modes: either in an application virtual machine host, such as fire with Virtual PC, either in native mode. Windows XP applications appear within the list of programs from the Start menu of Windows 7 and click it makes them start and run Windows applications alongside 7 without any master application! It is stunning and effective.

Remains that each time you start a Windows XP, you must initialize the VM which takes some time. Another negative point, virtualization works only if the processor supports hardware virtualization so: the old machines can not therefore take advantage of all Windows XP mode. Good news, Windows Virtual PC enables sharing of USB devices and printers connected to the system so that all drives are mapped to your computer with Windows XP as network drives. Even better, the VHD images created under Virtual PC 2007, running Windows 7 without worry. Still, the 3D support is conspicuously absent as the management of hearts, the quad-core processor in our test machine appears as a single-core processor under Windows XP … virtualized.

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